If there’s anything about the new SM dub that disappoints me, it’s that the voices will be different. :,C I grew up on those voices. But now a new, younger generation can be pulled into the Sailor Moon fandom and get all excited about it like so many of us did when we first saw it. :)

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It’s flea repellant, not flea treatment.

I tried a flea shampoo on the dogs… I don’t think it worked that well? It didn’t say to leave it or anything, just lather then rinse. I got the GNC brand flea shampoo from Petsmart, only because it was the only flea shampoo they had. :C They had some Bert’s Bees shampoos, and I love the brand so I’d have gotten some of that instead, but Layla has a pretty bad flea problem. If I had the money I’d take her to the vet and get some medicine from them, but unfortunately it might take a few weeks, depending on how things at Target go.

(I know you don’t particularly need to go to the vet to get flea meds, but since she’s small, I wanted to check and make sure I got what’s best for her.)

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Tried Dr Pepper with a splash of lemonade today. Not bad.

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  • <b> DC:</b> Wonder Woman is too difficult to find a movie audience for-<p><b>Marvel:</b> YO YOU LIKE BLACK WIDOW? HERE SHE IS IN THE NEXT CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE WITH A TON OF SCREENTIME AND MAJOR ASSKICKING SKILLS<p><b>DC:</b> We can't allow the lesbians in Batwoman to get married in the comic, sorry.<p><b>Marvel:</b> HEY GUESS WHAT WE'RE GONNA FEATURE A GAY WEDDING ON THE COVER OF AN X-MEN ISSUE<p><b>DC:</b> The new direction for storytelling needs to be dark, gritty, mature and cynical.<p><b>Marvel:</b> DUDE CHECK IT OUT LOKI GOES SPEED DATING IS THAT NOT THE BEST SHIT EVER<p><b>DC:</b> After years of rumors, the Superman/Batman movie is finally coming, but with a new actor and suit for Batman and MAYBE a cameo from Wonder Woman.<p><b>Marvel:</b> PHASE 2 MOTHERFUCKERS EVERYONE IS IN EVERYONE'S MOVIE AND THERE AIN'T NO STOPPIN US NOW<p><b>DC:</b> We can try to add maybe one or two 'people of color' to our lineup...maybe...<p><b>Marvel:</b> NEW MS MARVEL THAT'S MUSLIM AMERICAN, BITCHES.<p><b>DC:</b> We feel no problem with Batman's vengeful personality being like wet cardboard.<p><b>Marvel:</b> NEW LATINA GHOST RIDER WHO SEEKS VENGEANCE WHILE TAKING HIS AWEET LIL BRO FOR ICE CREAM<p><b>DC:</b> We can't mention any superhero titles in our movies, that's ridiculous.<p><b>Marvel:</b> FUCK YEAH YOU WANT A RACOON VOICED BY BRADLEY COOPER WITH A GIANT GUN? YOU WANT VIN DIESEL PLAYING A TREE? AMY FUCKING POND PLAYING A SEXY BALD SPACE PIRATE? HERE YOU FUCKERS GO<p><b>DC:</b> Our fanbase is mostly white males, I'm sure our focus is-<p><b>Marvel:</b> NEW SHE HULK LINE WHERE SHE GOES TO COURT THEN SAVES NEW YORK<p><b>DC:</b> Wait-<p><b>Marvel:</b> NEW FEMALE THOR<p><b>DC:</b> I didn't-<p><b>Marvel:</b> NEW BLACK CAPTAIN AMERICA<p><b>Marvel:</b> TAKE ALL THIS COOL SHIT MARVEL BE OUTIE<p><b>Marvel:</b> PEACE<p>
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one time i got a fish and my dad made me name it james pond

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it’s not that i’m not a “morning person” i love mornings

i’m just not a “waking up person”

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Layla is like a baby, and I love it.



If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share

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i have been singing this everywhere, even as im going to sleep and i dont even care

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With modifications becoming more commonplace every year, it’s not surprising to see that many people know next to nothing about modifications, but still choose to get them with only the information that everyone knows. So here are some things that you probably didn’t know about modifications. (Like tattoos, piercings, and stretched lobes.)

You cannot get a tattoo when you’re drunk. This is because alcohol causes the blood to thin. When a tattoo gun touches your skin, it creates little cuts. Getting a tattoo while drunk can cause you to lose a lot of blood. Not to mention the fact that it might mess with the quality of the tattoo.

Some inks will react differently to your skin. For example, many people are allergic to red ink. This can cause a rash, which also might mess up the quality of your tattoo. Additionally, yellow ink fades really easily.

Acrylic is a big no no in all piercings. This includes stretched lobes. Acrylic is a bad material to use because it is porous. This means that it’s more likely to carry bacteria, which can really mess up your piercing and make you sick. Additionally, do NOT buy plugs that are made out of polymer clay. This is also extremely porous and can royally jack up your ears. Some good materials are Surgical Steel, Stone, and Glass.

TAPERS ARE NOT JEWELRY. Tapers are a stretching instrument that looks a bit like a cone. While these can be used up to a 2g, some piercers suggest avoiding them completely. Tapers should never be worn for more than a few minutes. This is because they weigh unevenly on your lobes, which can cause a bad stretch, tearing, and blowouts. Alternatively, bondage tape (which you can get at any Spencers) can be used to properly stretch your lobes.

Piercing guns are bad news! They’re completely unsterile, and they can cause serious tissue trauma. A piercing gun basically forces a blunt piece of jewelry through the skin. This causes the skin to rip open to make room for the jewelry. Then it places the jewelry snugly against the skin, giving no room for the piercing to breathe. An actual needle piercing, done by a professional, is much safer and MUCH less painful.

Tattoos are much more sensitive than you think, and they take a lot longer to heal than what people may tell you. First of all, while the pain can go away after a week or two, the tattoo will not be fully healed for at least two months. While healing, you have to keep the tattoo as safe and clean as possible. That means no baths, no tanning, no swimming, etc. You also must lotion it often (don’t over-saturate it) and wash it three times a day. Think of it as any other open wound. You wouldn’t let it get dirty, would you?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Asking your friend how much their tattoo or piercing hurt won’t be accurate to you, since you might have a higher or lower pain threshold.

Stretching your lobes is absolutely NOT supposed to be painful. At most, you’re supposed to feel a little pressure, but that’s it. When done right, it is painless. For some reason, people seem to keep saying that stretching is like getting a piercing over and over again, but that is completely untrue. Stretching is literally just that, the stretching of the skin. Additionally, you MUST wait between stretches. You need to give your skin time to relax into the stretch and regain elasticity.

I think this about wraps it up. I hope this was informative. I welcome (correct) additions to this post.


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